Running To Honor 5K Sponsors

Please take time to visit and support the sponsors of the 2021 Running To Honor 5K. With any event there comes some level of cost to make the event happen. Without sponsors, the costs to host the event would have to be paid out of each participant's registration cost. That means less proceeds are generated from the event and ultimately less money is available to give to our selected Military Veteran charities. Thankfully we have great partnerships with leaders and businesses in the Downriver community which continue to support Running To Honor in various ways. Thanks to the sponsors you see listed on this page, we have been able to keep the costs of the event extremely low which mean more dollars going to our Military Veterans charities. (4176 6th Street, WyandotteMI48192) (800) 513-1695

Expert Heating & Cooling (24400 Northline Rd, Taylor, MI 48180) (734) 676-4488

Lincoln Park Exchange Club

Bubba's 33 (22175 Eureka Rd, Taylor, MI 48180) (734) 479-9610

Texas Road House (14660 Pardee Rd, Taylor, MI 48180) (734) 374-5500

Stieper & Brust Orthodontics (10460 Pelham Rd., Taylor, MI 48180) (313) 299-9700

I also want to thank military Veteran and Taylor City Council Chairman Tim Woolley for his continued support of Running To Honor. When I first started the Running To Honor 5K three years ago, I ran into a lot of roadblocks and government red tape in various cities trying to find a home for 5K. I was at an event where I received an award for raising over $8,000 for Victory Gym Veterans Health Club in Brownstown, MI when I met Tim Woolley. Tim quickly asked how he could help me accomplish my goals of trying to keep the memory of our Fallen alive. I told Tim that I just needed a good location to host a 5K and the opportunity to show the community that we can never forget about those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Tim invited me to bring the event to the city of Taylor. He helped me navigate the process of hosting an event at Heritage Park in Taylor and connected me with the correct city officials to get the plan approved. Tim sponsors the Sheridan Pavilion for the 5K every year which allows us to have more than enough space to setup our displays and tables for the event. I asked Tim what I can do in return as a thank you for his continued dedication towards supporting Running To Honor. Tim's response was "Don't forget about Holly". Amazing isn't it? This guy generously supports Running To Honor every year and all he wants is to make sure we don't forget about Specialist Holly McGeogh.

Who is Holly? Specialist Holly McGeogh was the first woman killed in action (KIA) in Iraq from the state of Michigan. Holly was from Taylor, Michigan and was only 19 years old. Holly is "Taylor's Hometown Hero" and we won't ever forget about her. You will read and hear much more about her if you come to the 5K event.

I tell you that whole story because without Council Chairperson Tim Woolley, this event might not exist. I also tell you that story because it speaks to the type of person Tim is. A man who just wants to serve people both as a soldier (now Veteran) and a councilperson for the city of Taylor. In a world of questionable politicians who seek greed, kickbacks, power and special favors owed, what Council Chairperson Tim Woolley really wants is for you to never forget about Specialist Holly McGeogh.

As long as we continue to say Holly's name she will never be forgotten.

Thank you for supporting those who support Veterans in the Downriver community.


Aaron Bartal
Founder & Veteran
Running To Honor