Running To Honor 5K Banner
In 2019, the proceeds from the race were originally planned to be given to the Wyandotte Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 1136 to help them purchase and install solar panels and repair their roof. The cost to do this was around $140,000. Their electricity bill is $2,000 a month on average and is not sustainable due to declining membership and increased costs. The goal is to purchase solar panels to lower the electricity bill down to a sustainable level and reduce their carbon footprint.
Since the original plan, it was determined that it was no longer feasible to hold the 5K in Wyandotte due to the challenges faced with designing a course that does not cross county roads or railroad tracks. Heritage Park in Taylor was chosen as the new course location. The City of Taylor also has VFW Post 4422. It only seemed right that if we are going to host this event benefiting the Wyandotte VFW in the Taylor community that we share some of the proceeds with the Taylor VFW as well. A small portion of the proceeds will also be retained by Running To Honor which is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit.

We were able to raise $22,000 from the 2019 5K. $20,460 was given to the Wyandotte VFW, $880 was given to the Taylor VFW and $660 was retained by Running To Honor. We were not able to raise enough money for the solar panels and roof repairs at the Wyandotte VFW.

In 2020, we will continue to focus on raising the remaining money needed to get the solar panels and roof repair for the Wyandotte VFW as well as continue to share some of the proceeds with the Taylor VFW since the event will be held in their city.

Race Goal $100,000
- $93,000 Wyandotte VFW Post 1136 - (specifically for solar panels and roof repair)
- $4,000 Taylor VFW Post 4422 - (for general operating expenses)
- $3,000 Running To Honor

If the $100,000 goal is not reached the proceeds will be divided based on the percentages of how the proceeds above were going to be allocated:
- 93% donated to Wyandotte VFW Post 1136
- 4% donated to Taylor VFW Post 4422
- 3% donated to Running To Honor