The frequently asked questions (FAQ) section will be updated as more and more questions arise from our participants.

General Questions

Q1 - Will I get a 2023 22 Lives A Day suicide awareness finisher medal?
A1 - The first 1,000 people to register regardless of whether you register for the Virtual 5K or the In Person events will get a 2023 finisher medal. We only purchased 1,000 medals this year because there were so many unknown factors with supply chain issues and people still concerned about COVID-19. Finisher medals are usually purchased three to six months before an event. 50% of participants in events like this wait until the last 30 days before the event to register. As a result, that forces a race director to make an educated guess based on historical data how many people he needs to order finisher medals for. We appreciate all of our participants understanding this and we encourage everyone to sign up early to ensure they will get a 2023 finisher medal.

Q2 - Why can't you reorder 2023 22 Lives A Day suicide awareness finisher medals?
A2 - It takes 12 weeks from the time we place our orders until the time we get the finisher medals. You will be waiting until Thanksgiving 2023 for your medal and Running To Honor will have to pay additional shipping costs to mail everyone their medals. We hope this doesn't happen and encourage everyone to register early. The finisher medal is nice but supporting a Veterans charity is really what should make your heart full regardless of whether you got a medal or not.

Q3 - How will I know if I am one of the first 1,000 participants registered?
A3 - The race director will be posting updates on social media and through email about how close the event is to having 1,000 participants so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone once we reach 1,000 participants. The first 1,000 participants will receive a 2023 22 Lives A Day suicide awareness bib. Everyone after number 1,000 will receive a different race bib. This will help the finish line staff know whether to give you a 2023 22 Lives A Day suicide awareness finishers medal or not. I know that might not make everyone happy, but I can't stress enough to REGISTER EARLY! There is such a long lead time for additional medal orders and additional costs with shipping medals in and then shipping them out to participants that didn't get a medal that we just have to draw the line somewhere.

Q4 - How can I donate to support the cause?
A4 - There are several ways that you can donate? The preferred method is through our Facebook page by clicking the "Donate" button located here We also encourage everyone to start their own Facebook fundraiser benefiting Running To Honor to help spread the word and increase our reach across social media. If you log into your EnMotive account there is also a section under each event you are registered for where you can view your personal fundraising page from the "Actions" pull down menu. We also take donations through PayPal and Venmo by sending the donation to the PayPal/Venmo email address of

Q5 - What color is the participant shirt going to be this year?
A5 - The participant shirt is a Leslie Jordan Black Lattice shirt. Note that additional black and other shirt colors can be purchased during the registration process. I encourage you to think about buying a few extra shirts because who doesn't love a patriotic shirt reminding others that Freedom Is Never Free? We also are selling previous year shirts at our online store on Storeny (

Q6 - What will I be receiving at packet pick up?
A6 - You would receive your participant shirt and race bib. You will get your medal at the finishline (the traditional way that you should get it!)

Q7 - Can I transfer from the in person event to the Virtual 5K?
A7 - Yes. You need to log into your EnMotive account at Once you are logged in go to the "Current and Upcoming Events" section and then click on the "three dots" in the upper right corner of the event and select "View Registration". On the view registration page you can click on "edit" next to the category section to change your category that you are registered for to a different category like Virtual 5K. The page will also tell you how much additional money it will cost to make the change. This additional charge is the cost of shipping plus the difference between the price of the in person event and the Virtual 5K. Like any 5K event, the closer we get to the event the more the price increases in an effort to get people to sign up early to avoid the price increase (this could be a whole different topic on the reasons why this is this way in itself). It is easy for an event to make the decision to switch from in person to virtual event. However, it is hard for the event to absorb the additional shipping costs that weren't built into the original price of the in person registration cost. Some organizations have gone into debt converting everyone to virtual because they didn't anticipate the total cost of mailing out all the in person shirts, medals etc to each participant.

In Person Events
Q1 - Will there be a water station on the course this year?
A1 - There will not be any water stations on the course. If you need water on the course, you should plan to carry your own bottle or ask one of our volunteers for a bottle before you begin on the course.

Q2 - Can I walk or run with a stroller ?
A2 - Yes.

Q3 - Can I walk or run with my dog?
A3 - Yes. However, your dog cannot be aggressive, must remain on a leash and under your control at all times. There are some 5K events where pet owners turn their dogs loose to see if the dog can beat the lead runner with the leash dangling behind the dog as it runs. This is not safe and will not be tolerated. Please keep control of your furry family members.

Q4 - Can I sign up for the 5K to walk but then change my mind and turn left (instead of right) at the 1 Mile-ish walk turn off point?
A4 - You can do this, however we respectfully ask that you inform the EnMotive timing services staff at the finish line that you did this so they can remove you from the age group award for the 5K. Otherwise it will look like you ran the 5K really fast.

Q5 - What drinks or food will be available at the finish line?
A5 - Bottled water and cookies will be available at the finish line.

Q6 - What should I do after I cross the finish line? Can I hang around?
A6 - You can do whatever you want! Look at the displays, read the names of our Fallen Soldiers and Fallen Veterans or cheer other participants on as they cross the finishline. Just respect your distance between people (generally 6 feet) and don't block other people who are making a final sprint to the finish!

Q7 - What about the age group awards? Are they still being handed out?
A7 - We are still giving out age group awards following the last person completing the course. There will be no awards ceremony. We receive a large amount of feedback every year that participants just want to get their award and leave instead of waiting around for their age bracket to be called. Age group awards will be given out at the packet pick up table in the Sheridan Pavilion.

Virtual 5K

Q1 - When will my Virtual 5K packet be mailed out?
A1 - The Virtual 5K packets will be mailed out the week of July 17th. The packages will be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail and a tracking # will be emailed to the address that you registered for the event with once the package has shipped.

Q2 - What if I don't receive my Virtual 5K package?
A2 - If you were provided a USPS tracking # you should check the status on the USPS website. If the USPS website indicates the package has been delivered then you should file a claim with USPS at this link: If you never received a USPS tracking # from us, please contact the Race Director at for further assistance.

Q3 - What if my Virtual 5K package arrived with damaged or missing items?
A3 - While this likely isn't the fault of Running To Honor, we do care that you receive all of your items in good condition. Please file a claim with USPS at this link: Also be sure to let us know at that your package arrived in damaged condition or was missing items.

Q4 - What is included in my Virtual 5K packet?
A4 - You will receive a participant shirt, a finisher's medal (if you were one of the first 1,000 people to register) and a race bib.

Q5 - Do I actually have to walk or run in a Virtual 5K?
A5 - You don't have to do either. No one is going to check on you and make you prove to them that you did it. This is all based on integrity and the honor system. You make your own decisions about your life not me.

This list of frequently asked questions will continue to grow as we get asked more questions. Please email any questions that you have to